Track 5 : The sound of making porcelain petals. Scraping a porcelain petal, laying out the petals for spraying, preparing the glaze, spraying the petals, sponging, closing shutters. Part of the first of a series of mirrors on the theme of the Seven Sins. Walthamstow. 1:26

Barnaby Barford is an artist who works primarily with ceramics to create unique narrative pieces. A common theme in his work is cutting social satire of modern day life while subverting the aesthetics of the traditionally sweet and innocent world of ceramic figurines and sculpture. When I visited Barnaby he was at the early stages of a new series of work based on the Seven deadly sins. This time he was departing from his figurine work and instead creating giant mirror artworks. The intricate ceramic elements he was making were to be attached to a large sheet of polished mirrored steel. The first mirror he was working on was on the subject of avarice, Barnaby and his assistants were in the process of making thousands of small ceramic flowers that would have money imagery applied to them. Here is Barnaby talking a little about the new work and other things.